After 7 years on the market, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) slowly and secretly began introducing their new razors to the world in early 2019. They haven’t made an official announcement and we stumbled on this completely by accident!

Recently, we got our hands on the newly redesigned 2019 version of The Executive — their flagship 6-blade cartridge razor. And here’s what we have to say about it…

The History – 0:43
The Handle – 5:04
The Razor – 5:59
The Shave – 6:53
The Price – 7:58
The Recap – 8:55

Why is DSC introducing the new razors? It all started with a “shutdown” email we received and obviously we wanted to learn more. We dug a little deeper, found out some juicy and helpful info, so here’s our take on what caused all of this to unfold. Then you can decide if you should jump on board with the new Dollar Shave Club razors.

So what does this mean if you’re a current customer of DSC? You may not be getting served up the new versions when you log in to your account, so you’ll need to contact their customer service, request the new razor and see if they’ll send it out to you.

Please share your experience in the comments and let us know which version was shipped to you.


$5 Starter Set – Get everything you need for a delightfully smooth shave “Dollar Shave Club-style”.

(It looks like they’re still sending out the 2012 Dorco versions, but if you chat with their awesome customer service team and tell them you’re not happy with it, they’ll send you the new 2019 version.)

Dollar Shave Club’s First Video:

Lawsuit Info:

Settled Out of Court Info:

*DISCLAIMER: This review is completely independent. We pay for our own products, so we can give our honest opinions.