People always ask me, “How did you think up the name?”

I’ve been a graphic designer my entire career and was getting bored working on everyone else’s stuff.

A project to call my own, where I could call the shots — that’s what I needed .

I was looking for some sort of a personal creative outlet and had always been told, “start with what you know.” 

So I headed to the mirror to take a good, long look and said, “What do I know how to do?”

“Well… I know how to be bald”, came the reply.

That’s great, but being in marketing my entire career led me to ask the next question, “Ok, that’s great, but how do I make that more interesting and say ‘bald’ without actually saying ‘bald?”

As any good marketer would do, you start with a thesaurus mentality and look for synonyms, and then antonyms.

So what’s the opposite of “bald”? A hair model! I looked at myself in the mirror and said jokingly, “Well, you’re definitely NOT a hair model.”


I hope the info we share here helps to give you that confidence needed to fully embrace yourself and your head as you become bald.

Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you.

Phil Deppen
Head Strategist
Not A Hair Model